Service Costs

For your peace of mind, our staff at Northside Denture Clinic will always discuss costs before starting a procedure so that you understand the costs of the treatment, allowing you to plan accordingly. Please be assured that our prosthetic appliances are made right here in Sydney, we do not outsource to any other Dental Laboratory, be it here or overseas.

Our service costs are outlined below:

  • Full Upper or Lower Dentures – $1,100 each
  • Partial Upper Acrylic (Plastic) or Lower Acrylic (Plastic) Dentures – $600 each (teeth additional*)
  • Partial Upper Chrome (Metal) or Lower Chrome (Metal) Dentures – $1,300each (teeth additional*)
  • Reline of Full or Partial Dentures – $350 each
  • Denture Repairs – starting from $170.

* The number of teeth required as a part of the denture will be assessed at the initial consultation. Cost per tooth is $40 each.

We accept payment by Direct Deposit and .