About Us

Welcome to Northside Denture Clinic

Originally from Moscow, Russia, I have lived in Sydney’s North Shore for over 25 years. In addition to English, I am fluent in Russian and have an understanding of Armenian. Inspired by my family’s long history in the dental profession, I have a passion for helping people regain control over their oral health.

Over the many years of working as a Dental Technician and then a Prosthetist, I have come across a wide range of challenging and equally rewarding cases, with my client’s happiness and satisfaction always at the forefront.

I am here to help and advise on any denture related questions that you may have. With experience spanning over 20 years in this field, my knowledge is at your disposal.

Please be assured that our prosthetic appliances are made right here in Sydney, we do not outsource to any other Dental Laboratory, be it here or overseas.